Planning a splash in the swimming pool with your young one? Or initiating your bub into a swimming class? Babies as young as 4-6 months of age can be taken to the swimming pool. A clean pool and comfortable temperature is a pre-requisite, of course. Also, ensure your baby uses baby swim diapers if not toilet trained. You don’t want a poop show when your baby is in the pool.

Read more to know about swim diapers. Many parents are opting for swimming diapers in India for their young splashers.

What is a swim diaper

A swim diaper, as the name suggests, is a diaper worn when swimming. It is worn under the baby swimsuit or can be used as a swimsuit itself. A swim diaper primarily contains poop and not let the solid waste enter the water body. It’s a common misconception that a swim diaper should also hold pee [1].

They are lightweight, lack absorbent material and hence do not swell in water. Swim diapers are designed for a snug fit at legs & waist to contain solid effectively. They come in cute prints.

How do swim diapers work

Swim diapers serve two primary purposes: keep the baby comfortable under water and contain solid waste. They are not meant to contain pee, just the poop. Hence swim diapers, unlike regular baby diapers, are not absorbent.

A swim diaper can be disposable or reusable. A swim diaper is lightweight compared to the regular diaper. Lack of absorbent material prevents swelling of the diaper in water.

A disposable swim diaper may contain a special absorbent material to hold the poop. But it will still not contain pee. A reusable swim diaper usually has a fabric/mesh as an inner layer and a waterproof outer layer. The poop clings to the mesh/fabric. The waterproof layer prevents leaking of the poop.

Swim diapers fit and sizes


A swim diaper usually has a snug fit around waist and legs to contain poop. The reusable or disposable ones have adjustable sides/snaps to adjust the fit around the waist. It also helps to remove the diaper easily. The swim diapers come in various sizes based on baby’s weight or age. Select a fit that is comfortable yet snugly fits around legs and the waist.

Are swim diapers useful

A baby must wear a swim diaper before entering a swimming pool until toilet trained. In many countries, community pools do not permit infant swimming without swim diapers.

A swim diaper prevents toilet accidents in the pool. Poop in the pool water can cause the spread of faecal bacteria like E.Coli. Hence for baby’s health as well as those in the pool, a baby not toilet trained should wear a swim diaper. Also, parents should check the baby diaper (outside the pool) every 30-60 minutes. And change the diaper immediately when soiled.

Swim diapers vs regular diapers in the swimming pool

reusable swim diapers


A regular diaper, whether it is disposable or reusable, contains an absorbent material to contain pee. And remain useful for few hours at a stretch. Its design prevents solid waste from leaking out of the diaper.

A swim diaper, as mentioned earlier is designed to contain poop only. A swim diaper is lightweight. And it usually does not have absorbent material to prevent swelling of the diaper in water.

Avoid using a regular diaper while swimming. Due to its high absorbency, a regular diaper would swell in water. Thus making a baby uncomfortable due to increased diaper weight. Additionally, it may not perform the task of containing pee or poop.

However one may double a cover diaper or a pocket diaper as a swim diaper. Just use it without any inserts.

Do not use regular disposable diapers while swimming. Buy a swim diaper instead.

Which swim diaper to buy

You can buy either a disposable swim diaper or a reusable one. One can reuse a reusable swim diaper after cleaning it. Hence 1-2 diapers usually suffice.  In case you are already using cloth diapers, you can convert a pocket diaper as a swim diaper (without any insert). Some training pants can also work as swim diapers.

As the name suggests, dispose of a disposable swim diaper after each use. Buy them as and when required.

Here are few popular swim diaper options available:


A baby, not toilet trained, must wear a swim diaper before entering a swimming pool. Swim diapers are important for pool hygiene and baby’s comfort under water. One can opt for a disposable or reusable swim diaper. Get them on and let your baby enjoy a splash.