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Say no to screens! How to keep your child entertained when outdoors

So there we were. Two adults in a civilised restaurant desperate for hot food and a cool head. There they were. Two uncivilised kids running around as if they were being chased by an animated [...]

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Playing with colours: How to unleash your child’s creativity

Renowned painter MF Hussein encouraged young children to colour on the walls in his house. He believed that creativity in children should be encouraged, not stifled. While I agree with his philosophy, I tweaked [...]

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Baby’s first books – Engage & entice a child into reading!

Last Christmas, I presented my then 18-month-old daughter L with three nicely wrapped packages. She opened the first one, a stuffed animal and shrugged. She lingered a little longer on the second one, jigsaw [...]

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Scissoring is an acquired skill – How to help your child learn it

Anu had an obsessive-compulsive phase when she was around 20 months old: she insisted us on opening any package as soon as we received it (online shopping you see). I was surprised by Anu's fascination [...]

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