We live in a very sun-friendly country, where there’s no escaping the blaze of the afternoon sun even in the deepest of winter. While sunlight is essential for your well-being, Your child needs eye protection from harsh UV rays, especially when out in the sun for an extended time. A pair of well-fitted dark glasses will keep the glare out and allow your child to take in the world without squinting. 

The good news is, sunglasses are stylish accessories that most kids love to wear. So you won’t hear any ‘Do I have to?!’ when they’re asked to put them on. However, do ensure you buy the right pair that offers the maximum benefits. Read on to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for kids.

Why your child should wear sunglasses

Kids tend to be in direct sunlight more often than adults and may be curious to stare at it as well.  

  • Children have larger pupils than adults, so they need more protection 
  • UV exposure by direct viewing or just in the presence of sunlight? causes short-term and long-term eye damage

How to choose a pair of shades

  • Full-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays 
  • High-quality, optometry-grade lenses from a reputed company 
  • Full coverage across the eyes so sunlight can’t get in 
  • Comfortable and stylish, so your kid is motivated to wear them regularly

What to avoid:

Many times, parents give sunglasses to a child as an accessory. However, the wrong choice in shades can affect your child’s eye. Avoid:

  1. Fancy glasses which may be fitted with sub-standard lense
  2. No UV protection
  3. Inadequate coverage to eye

Brand recommendations for children’s sunglasses

We recommend the following brands which pass our check-list of:

  1. Quality lense
  2. 100% UV protection
  3. A lightweight frame with good eye coverage
  4. Stylish designs with optional popular characters characters 


Sunglasses are a protective accessory that your child will love to wear because of their cool, stylish factor. Just ensure whatever design your child chooses, they have the required safety features that look after your kid’s eyes.