Date syrup: An easy, delicious and healthy recipe for your baby 

Babies develop a sweet tooth before they develop their natural teeth. A taste of anything sugary, and they open their mouths for more like eager beavers. Most pediatricians advise not to offer sugar before the [...]

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5 Indian summer food recipes to keep kids cool this summer

When my kids, despite their healthy, adventurous appetites, run away when lunch is served, I know summer has officially arrived. It’s time to retire the ghee-rich parathas, the cream-based curries and buttered recipes. Kids are [...]

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Easy & tasty mukhwas a.k.a. mouth freshener recipe

source: Post delivery, a mother's body requires various nutrients to recover from childbirth, aid lactation, and gain strength. Not just that the sleepless nights with a newborn can cause acidity. So one needs [...]

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