Hoping for a vaginal birth after a C-section – Here is how you can improve your chances

There’s no denying it. Cesarean births are on the rise. In 2018, 37 percent of babies born in private centres were delivered via c-section surgery. In some cases, the surgery was essential for the survival [...]

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Top birthing centres in India that push for natural deliveries

A generation ago, c-section surgeries were rare. You only heard about them in urgent, life-threatening cases. The first option for childbirth was always vaginal delivery. But in the last decade, a wave of cesarean deliveries [...]

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Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Tips to prevent or lessen their appearance

Stretch marks are the seedy underbelly of pregnancy. We wish they didn't exist, but they do. And almost every pregnant woman will have to deal with them. The joy of watching your torso rapidly expand [...]

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