As a mom, here’s what I really want on Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s day is like an old Disney animation come to life.  The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. Well-trained, woodland creatures help out with household chores. And cash registers all over the [...]

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A mothers’ guide to the first month with a newborn baby

You’ve read the pre-natal books. You’ve attended the classes. You’ve bought out the entire newborn section in the kids’ clothing department. Yet, all of that preparation evaporates into thin air when your obstetrician hands you [...]

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You know you are a mother when… Check the ones that apply to you!

✔  The soles of your feet have permanent lego-shaped imprints from stepping on too many pieces lying around ✔ You hear a baby wailing loudly and instinctively start patting the thin air until you realise [...]

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Shatavari – A useful Ayurvedic supplement to boost lactation

During pregnancy, my sister-in-law gave me her copy of "Garbha Sanskar" book by Balaji Tambe. While I scanned through a few of the pages, a topic of "shatavari" caught my attention. I had never heard [...]

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