I greatly encourage my daughter’s love for all types of books. Her eyes light up in the presence of tomes, and it reminds me of the joy I experienced reading during my childhood. However, there’s a catch. I can re-read ‘Room on the Broom’ to my toddler only so many times before my left eye starts twitching in irritation. It’s hard to express the same high level of enthusiasm after reading the same book seven times in a row. It is of those few times in motherhood I wished I could outsource the job while I sipped on a hot beverage in relief. It turns out; I can! Audible by Amazon has a vast collection of audiobooks for kids that can read to them on repetition. 

Audiobooks to the rescue

Regular books are often the first choice for parents, as they offer a far more immersive experience. However, there are a few occasions when audiobooks can help you out. These are audio files where the entire book is the readout for your listening pleasure. Creative voices and sound effects are used to make every page come alive. Here are some advantages of audiobooks:

  • Heaven-sent when travelling, during long car rides, train journeys or the dreaded time spent in airports/planes 
  • Triggers your child’s imagination in a similar manner to books
  • The perfect accompaniment to bedtime, especially if you’re too tired to read or you want the lights out, but your child wants a story 
  • A good substitute for screens and can enhance playtime 

How to use Audible

Audible by Amazon has one of the most extensive subscription-based catalogues of books, with over 2 lakh titles in English and Hindi. They also boast of a fascinating selection of children’s books that are voiced by professionals who bring the books to life (Don’t be surprised if you spot a familiar Hollywood actor’s name in the credits).

You will have to sign up for an Amazon account if you don’t already have one. The app (click here to get the Audible app) offers a 30-day free trial, while Amazon Prime members get a 90-day trial. After that, the membership starts at a monthly fee (currently 199/pm, but check the website for the latest fees). You will receive a credit every month that can be used for one free book. If you want more books, you can buy them. While the books are available at different prices, one free credit can be used to purchase any book irrespective of the cost.

Interestingly, when schools are closed for holidays, Audible for kids offers up a part of their children’s catalogue for free! All stories can be streamed on any smart device. 

Click on the image below to get your free trial started:

Amazon Audible Free Trial

Exciting features of the Audible app

  • You can skip back and forth between chapters 
  • You can even adapt the speed of the reading if it’s too slow or fast for you
  • The audiobooks are categorised according to age groups

Some of the best audible books for kids available: 

  • The Peppa Pig series
  • The Dr Suess series 
  • Peter Rabbit & Friends 
  • The Gruffalo & other Julia Donaldson books
  • Alice in Wonderland 
  • Chicken soup for the kid’s soul 
  • Sudha Murthy’s How the sea became salty 
  • Harry Potter series 
  • Matilda and other books by Roald Dahl 
  • The Wimpy kid series 


Listening to the written word can be a great source of happiness for your little one. There is a treasure trove of kids’ audiobooks to explore on Audible. They have the popular best sellers, along with some unknown gems just begging to be discovered.