There comes a time (sometimes too soon) in every toddler’s life when their inner Picasso awakens. Children are drawn to art and creativity like moths to a flame, and it’s fascinating to see your little one grabbing onto a colourful crayon and going crazy on a blank sheet of paper (or the walls if you’re cool with that). It’s their earliest form of self-expression.

However, when they’re at an age where everything looks edible, you tend to worry about toxic, chemical-filled colours making their way into your kid’s mouth. Even if you watch your child in a hawk-like manner, it only takes a second or two of distraction when you turn away and look back to see your child with an “I did it” expression and a blue -coloured tongue. My son would go so far as to point out the window and wait for me to turn my head before he took a long lick of his favourite coloured chalk. S

o what’s a concerned mother to do? Since we don’t want to put a stop to their creativity, we can do the next best thing. Introduce safe, non-toxic colours into their lives.

Benefits of colouring

Your child can stand to gain a lot if you encourage his love for art and colouring. Check out our post about introducing colours to your child. 

Five brands with non-toxic and child-safe colouring options

1. Kabeer Art finger paints

  • Set of six non-toxic, washable paints 
  • Easy to use tubs 
  • Easy to wash off clothes and skin
  • Can be used with sponges, paintbrushes or fingers

2. Crayola washable markers

  • Comes in a pack of 8 vibrant colours 
  • Easily washes off most surfaces like skin, clothes, walls
  • Can be used by all kids above 3 years
  • Easy to use and hold

3. Dabble Organic Beeswax Crayons

  • Comes in a pack of 8 colours
  • Contains beeswax, coconut oil, and food-grade ingredients 
  • Each crayon has been moulded into a unique shape
  • Difficult to break or crumble

4. Vibgyor (Colours with stamps)

  • Comes in a set of multiple bright colours
  •  Each painted bottle has its own individual stamp
  • Paints are washable, eco-friendly and non-toxic

5. Azafran Organic Block Crayons

Azafran block crayons for kids are non toxic and organic


  • Comes in a pack of 8 colours
  • Block shapes for easy grip
  • Made from organic, non-toxic materials


These non-toxic, child-friendly colours are the ideal artistic tools for your toddler, and they ensure you have one less thing to worry. So sit back, relax (yes that is not easy to do as a parent) and watch your little one explore his creative side.