On his 7th birthday party, my son received a large pile of board games from all his friends. There were classic games from my childhood. And some new ones that were unknown to my generation. The boxes came in different sizes and sets of instructions. But they all had one unifying factor: we got hours of endless fun, family time! My kid discovered a new outlet for adventure, and he was hooked. We played these games at least once or twice a week as a family, and we learnt some interesting things about each other. My husband was a strict rule follower. I got grumpy when I lost. As for my son? While he couldn’t tie his shoelaces, he was able to strategise his way to becoming the undisputed board game champion. 

It doesn’t matter how many viewing devices they keep inventing, playing board games never go out of style. All you need is one square-shaped cardboard, a couple of moving counters and a pair of dice. And you’re off on a thrilling ride that is only limited by your imagination and your kid’s bedtime. Most importantly, board games help relieve pent-up boredom when the entire family is stuck indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Board games have countless benefits too

Family game night can be a ton of fun. Plus, your kids learn a lot about themselves, when they’re having a ball of a time.

  • Helps the family bond
  • Learn life skills like team-building and strategising 
  • Can be educational 
  • Encourages independent thinking 
  • Inculcates healthy competition
  • Builds communication and social skills 
  • Good substitute for active screen devices

Board games we play

There are countless fun, family board games to play. It’s tough deciding which one will provide the best source of entertainment for your family. It helps to choose a game that suits your child’s interest and personality. But it’s also a good idea to introduce your kid to something new and unexpected. Here below are some of the best board games ever to get you started.

Board games for age group 4-5 years

Your child has finally reached the perfect age to start playing. Here are some great board games for 4-year-olds to play.

Hungry hippos

What happens when 20 marbles are released in the middle of four plastic hippos? It’s a mad dash to gobble up the maximum number of tiny, coloured orbs before anyone else. This game is addictive, so clear your schedule first. 

Snakes and ladders

For most young kids, the timeless snakes and ladders game sparks off love for all games. It’s not too difficult to follow and even helps kids with their counting and fine motor skills. 


This memorable game is all about reaching your destination while having a ton of fun on the journey. 


Who knew a tower of rectangular blocks could be so exciting? Just pile them on, and the loser makes them fall. The winner gets bragging rights. 

Memory game 

A great game to sharpen your kid’s memory. Added bonus? When you’re busy with work, your kid can play this game solo.


Who needs yoga when this colour-coded game will help you do all your stretching? Just be warned, the kids always win this one. 


Another timeless classic game, triple T is every child’s first introduction to strategy. It’s simple to play, yet interesting enough to work your kid’s brain cells.

Board games for age group 6 – 8 years

Your kid is ready to move to the next level of board gaming. A little more strategy and thinking is now required. Good luck!

Scrabble Junior

This is the kiddie version of the much-loved adult game. It’s a great way for kids who have just learnt to read, to now learn to spell and build vocabulary. 


This contraption building game is an absolute delight among kids and adults. Set up an elaborate course to trap the other player, while keeping sure your mouse stays the course. 


This game will challenge your kid’s mind in so many ways. It’ll be a marvel to watch her compete as she creates different combinations of numbers. 

Connect four

This is another classic game that never goes out of style. This game may seem simple on the surface, but it unravels in complex ways as you try to out-manoeuvre your opponent. 


This game makes spelling words so much fun. Just shake the box and let the letters fall where they may. And then be amazed as your child makes words out of a strange assortment of letters. 

Clue junior 

Paging all kid detectives. Someone ate the last piece of cake… but who? Can your child crack this intriguing case? It’s a real brain scratcher! 

Route 99

It’s a mad race to the finish. First to reach 1,000 kilometres wins, but there are a lot of hi-jinks along the way. Your kid is going to love this crazy card game. 

Temple run

The next time you see your kid reaching for your phone, open up this board game instead. It’s as fun, and fast-paced as the digital version, without any of the eye-strain. 

Board games for age group 8 years upwards

Your kid is growing up; you need to step up your game. Here is a list of titles to keep your older child engaged and mentally stimulated. (Be warned, some of them might be challenging for you as well.) 


There are cards in your hand. There are cards on the board. First, one to match five consecutive cards in a row wins. But in a game this interesting, everyone’s a winner.


Is your child prepared for global domination? Ready or not, here comes Risk. This game teaches your child all about strategy and ambition while conquering the world. 

Junior Monopoly

This is the big daddy of all games, but it also comes in a kiddie version. Teach your child about the perils of capitalism, while having a blast buying up all the available properties on the board. 


When it comes to strategy and intelligence, no other game can compare. Teach your child the intricacies and nuances of this ancient, but still-relevant game. And be pleasantly surprised when you get check-mated. 


This game dates back to 3,000 BC! And yet, it still works in the 21st century. It’s a fun, strategy-based game to challenge your child’s developing intellect. 


This popular game is also a rite of passage. When you watch your kid hit the striker and take all the counters, you’ll be reminded of your own childhood.

Scotland Yard

Fancy a game of chor-police, but with an intellectual twist? Take your positions on the board. The chase is on! 


Watch your kid cackle like an evil genius every time he manages to sink one of your ships. Don’t worry; you’ll get your chance too.


Can you guess the hidden colours? Through logic and careful deduction, your child will crack the code. 


Just because it states a certain age on the box, doesn’t mean your child is too old or too young to play. As long as she gets the rules and has fun, go for it! Together, you’ll be making memories for a lifetime.