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Motherhood is a life-changing experience. It is a constant, roller-coaster ride. Parenting entails a lot of learning, I remember being clueless about so many things. Like, what to eat during pregnancy, how to pack my hospital bag, how to pump and store excess breastmilk, what solids to start, and so on.

I was really fortunate to find the right people who lovingly guided me through the initial part of this journey with their invaluable experience and advice!

My mother – a treasure trove of traditional childcare wisdom
My prenatal teacher – a staunch promoter of minimum interventional delivery and exclusive breastfeeding
My doctor friends – demystifying anything related to childcare which requires medical expertise
My group of fellow moms – who trod the path a few months or years before me

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Tests before pregnancy Planning a pregnancy? Get these medical tests done first. Pregnancy READ MORE How hard is it to get pregnant? Or so I thought when my husband and I first started trying. Other couples we knew were pushing out babies like they were a dispenser machine. Surely, we were next in line? When two years passed, and no baby appeared, we started getting concerned. We made a quick trip to the gynaecologist, followed by a battery of tests which revealed I had polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS). There were other issues as well, like a low haemoglobin count and vitamin D deficiency. Now that we knew what the problems were, we could start working Homegrown Skincare brands for Womens Homegrown skincare brands that work magic on your skin Childcare, Parenting READ MORE Once your baby is born, your life gets chaotic in a way you never knew before. Your days blur into an endless carousel of diaper changes, burps and constant fretting—the focus of your universe shifts from you to your newborn. But soon, you find yourself with a bit more free time. Things aren’t as hectic anymore, and you realise you’ve been neglecting yourself. You’ve forgotten to thrive, and have been living in survival mode. Once your baby adapts to a routine, you can start thinking about yourself again. That is just what this post is about. You.  We’ve discussed natural, toxic-free Kids V/s Patriarchy Kids vs Patriarchy - How to teach your child about gender equality  Parenting READ MORE One pleasant summer evening, when both my kids were off to the park, my daughter decided to carry three of her stuffed animals with her. With limited space in her tiny arms, my son offered to carry her stuffed Peppa Pig toy. As they walked on the road, he was questioned by three adults as to why he was holding a 'girl's' toy. After all, Peppa Pig wears a dress and is pink all over. I saw my son's eyebrows scrunch tightly as the awareness dawned that he was doing something 'boys shouldn't be doing'. He hurriedly corrected people, saying Bicycles recommendation for kids Choosing the right bicycle for kids  Buying Guide, Product Recommendation READ MORE If there were ever a photo-perfect moment in my son’s childhood, it would be when he confidently rode his new cycle without training wheels for the first time.  His eyes lit up, his hair was flowing in the breeze, and his smile stretched from ear to ear. It’s an unforgettable memory that’s forever etched in my brain. A kid’s first bike is such an iconic part of every childhood. It’s a veritable rite of passage that comes with several milestones. When your child first learns to pedal, when the training wheels come off and finally when your kid takes his first independent Importance of delayed cord clamping The importance of delayed cord clamping Pregnancy READ MORE After approximately nine months of living comfortably in your uterus, your baby is ready to take her first step in the outside world. This highly momentous occasion is symbolised by cutting the umbilical cord after birth. That one snip is the start of your little one's independence. Now, she becomes her own individual being and is no longer physically connected to you. The lifeline cord that sustained her while in utero is no longer needed. But is there more to cutting the umbilical cord than just separating mother and baby? While most doctors cut the cord within 10 to 15 seconds LATEST ARTICLES


Hybrid Cloth Diapers – A step towards healthy diapering

September 25th, 2020|Childcare|

Cloth diapering is an age-old tradition in India that we inherited from our mothers and mothers-in-law. Many generations have begun their parenting journey with traditional cloth diapers, popularly called langots. But like some childcare traditions, [...]

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