Once your baby is born, your life gets chaotic in a way you never knew before. Your days blur into an endless carousel of diaper changes, burps and constant fretting—the focus of your universe shifts from you to your newborn. But soon, you find yourself with a bit more free time. Things aren’t as hectic anymore, and you realise you’ve been neglecting yourself. You’ve forgotten to thrive, and have been living in survival mode. Once your baby adapts to a routine, you can start thinking about yourself again. That is just what this post is about. You. 

We’ve discussed natural, toxic-free baby care in many of our earlier posts.

It’s time to talk about clean, healthy skincare for moms. We’ve scouted the finest desi brands that follow a holistic philosophy of pure, natural living. Remember, when your baby clings to you, she comes in contact with everything you use on your body. Might as well ensure you’ve applied products that are safe for everyone.

So here are some lovely, local beauty products for new moms.

#1 Rawbeauty Wellness

This brand believes in the therapeutic properties of indigenous herbs and oils to create natural products. They work in close collaboration with farmers to obtain high-quality ingredients and also use eco-friendly packaging to help promote their mantra of sustainability. They encourage customers to use their products for more than one purpose, as they believe in limiting hoarding or buying excesses. So a face oil can double up as a hair serum. Some of the products can even be used on your little one. It’s a thoughtful approach to skincare that would appeal to many new mother’s sensibilities. 

Popular buys:

  • Beldi soap
  • Back 2 basics foaming hair cleanser
  • Magic salve 
  • Margarita face and eye gel

#2 Forever Earth skincare

The website says, ‘Derived from nature. Powered by science and research”. This is the perfect summation of this brand’s holistic philosophy. They offer a fantastic range of Ayurvedic-based hair, skin and face products that nurture and heal from within. They are known to tinker with their existing products to improve the formulation, which shows they are continually evolving.

Popular buys:

  • African black soap
  • Anti-pollution deep cleansing oil 
  • Resveratrol Antioxidant Serum 

#3 Blend It Raw Apothecary 

This brand takes pride in the purity of their single-ingredient products. They offer a wide variety of cold-pressed, unrefined oils, hydrosols, herbal powders and butter that are ethically sourced from local farms. They have a blog on the website that offers tips and tricks on how to combine their products for maximum effects. The owner is also available to answer any queries or offer advice. If you’re reluctant to create DIY skincare, you can check out their sister brand, Blended Botanica, which sells ready-to-use formulations. 

Popular buys:

  • Rosehip seed oil
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Hibiscus powder

#4 Earth Rhythm

A brand that firmly believes that personal care must be sustainable, Earth Rhythm has several categories of biodegradable products under their belt. A quick trip to their website and you’ll discover eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes, lip and cheek tints, shampoo bars, body creams and other assorted skincare products. They have some fascinating, never seen before items like filter Kappi buttercream soap in a jar, matcha green tea deodorant and even a range of fruity body yoghurts. Who said natural brands are boring?

Popular buys:

  • Murumuru butter shampoo bar 
  • Phyto gel 
  • Cleansing balm with propolis
  • Organic lip butter

#5 The Tribe Concepts

They only have 16 products in their kitty, but each one is perfectly formulated to get the job done. Relying heavily on Ayurvedic principles, the Tribe Concepts uses herbs, oils and powders to create a hair, face and body regime that is as soothing as it is nourishing. Their products are very earthy in nature. They can take you back in time to another era. One, where women made their potions and lotions in earthen mortar and pestles, radiating a natural beauty that only comes with patience and perseverance. 

Popular buys:

  • 90-day miracle hair oil 
  • Organic hair cleanser 
  • Organic total body cleanser 
  • Extra virgin coconut oil

#6 Shesha Naturals

Shesha Naturals is on a mission to show how good authentic Ayurvedic skincare can be. This brand uses traditional, locally-sourced ingredients, and you’ll find several forgotten beauty gems making a revival. These products are free of artificial fragrances and surfactants, relying instead on the hidden treasures that are found in the lush forests of Kerala and the Western Ghats. If you want to go back to nature, this is a great way to start. 

Popular buys: 

  • Nalpamaradi thailum 
  • Kasturi Manjal 
  • Neeli bringadi intensive hair treatment oil 
  • Tejaswini face wash powder 

#7 Juicy Chemistry

Using a unique combination of high quality, organic ingredients, JC offers a stunning collection of products that heal several skin and hair issues. If motherhood takes a toll on your appearance, Juicy Chemistry has formulated gentle and soothing products that put the glow back on your face. They even have a special product line for kids that use ingredients like avocado, coconut and calendula to care for young skin.

Popular buys:

  • Chilli, horsetail and black seed hair oil 
  • Helichrysum and rosehip facial oil 
  • Mango, argan and shea buttercream (for kids) 

#8 Vilvah 

Vilvah believes in making small batches of product, using fresh and natural ingredients like goat’s milk, aloe vera, sweet almond oil and shea butter. The result is a clean, gentle and effective line of skincare products that make a difference when used consistently. They also have a unique range of bathing soaps worth checking out.  

Popular buys:

  • Cream conditioner (hair)
  • Day cream (Broad spectrum SPF 20) 
  • Classic goatmilk soap 
  • Honeyfix facewash 


How fortunate we are that such incredible, local brands are well within our reach. We don’t have to rely on imported products or mass-produced generic brands. As an overworked, tired mom, you deserve a little pampering, so go ahead and indulge yourself.