As a mom, one of my worst nightmares come true is the appearance of a tell-tale bite mark on my child’s delicate skin. Nothing makes me see red more than those pests getting their stings on my flesh and blood. If only I could cover my kids from head to toe in fine netting, keep those pesky insects out! 

Mosquitos are an evil with which we have to live in a tropical country like India. And it doesn’t help that our kids head out to outdoor playgrounds and parks where these miniature predators lie in wait. Every exposed bit of skin is a delicious buffet for mosquitoes. But not so easily on my watch. I ensure every inch of my kids is protected with a mosquito-repelling topical ointment. 

Some strong topical sprays are full of harsh chemicals that can harm your child’s skin. However, many ointments in the market are strong enough to keep the bugs away but delicate enough to use on children.

So if you want to protect your child from malaria, dengue and chikungunya, these child-safe mosquito repellents will prevent your little ones from getting bitten. 

Natural ingredients used in mosquito repellents 

Sharp-smelling natural oils like lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus and citronella, along with herbal extracts like neem and basil, have strong repelling properties and they also mask the smells that attract mosquitoes towards people. We recommend repellents that contain one or more such active ingredients.

Top 7 recommendations – store-bought mosquito repellents in India

1. Forest Essentials herb-infused mosquito repellent 

This light liquid spray is infused with natural mosquito-repelling oils and herbs that also contain antibacterial properties. It’s quite effective in keeping the pests away, without using any harmful chemicals. It also carries a light herbal fragrance due to the aromatic herbs used in the Ayurvedic formulation. However, it’s slightly pricier than most other brands.

2. Strategi mosquito body and room repellents

This brand offers a room spray and a body spray, depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors. The room spray is fairly potent smelling and shouldn’t be used when the children are in the room. Spray first in, and let the kids in 15 minutes later. 

The body spray is less intense, has a pleasant aroma and non-toxic ingredients that keep your child free of bites. It’s safe enough to be sprayed directly on the skin but can also be used on clothes. 

3. Mama Earth natural mosquito repellent spray

The Mama Earth brand is known for baby-friendly products that use safe, gentle ingredients. Their mosquito spray is made from a gentle cocktail of bug-repelling oils that are safe for the whole family. It also has a lovely, soothing smell thanks to the presence of fragrant oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus.

4. Mother Sparsh mosquito repellent range

Mother Sparsh means serious business when it comes to protecting your child’s skin from bug bites. They don’t just have one but three products that wage war on all blood-sucking pests. A natural insect repellent, anti-insect fabric roll-on and even an after-bite turmeric cream to soothe itchy, bug-bitten skin.

5. Bon organics mosquito repellent

Bon Organics is an Auroville-based brand that believes in selling holistic, healing products that are safe for people and the environment. They offer an oil-based and water-based spray that contains five oils known for their mosquito repelling properties. Both have a gentle formulation that is safe for all skin types.

6. Godrej Goodnight fabric roll-on

This roll-on is to be used only on clothes and fabric as an effective means of combating mosquitoes. Formulated using gentle plant-based additives, just apply four coin-shaped circles on your child’s clothes, and it’ll do the trick. The repellent comes in three fragrances, citrus, fruity and bubblegum. 

7. Chicco anti-mosquito baby gel and spray

While Chicco offers a range of mosquito repelling products, their gel and spray are for topical use. The gel, meant for babies aged 0-3 months, is gentle yet effective. The alcohol-free spray can be used on kids from birth to 14 years of age. 

How to use mosquito repellents:

  • Hold the bottle six or eight inches from the skin and then spray
  • Wait for a few seconds and then evenly spread all over with your hands
  • Or else, spray on your hands first and then apply on your child’s skin
  • Do not use over open cuts or wounds
  • Reapply every 3 – 6 hours 


It would help if you had infant-safe and kid-safe mosquito repellents to keep your child from being bitten. While there are many such products available, we’ve shortened the list to help you choose a brand that keeps mosquitoes without harming your child.

Note: Always do a patch test before using as the essential oils in the ointments may cause a reaction.