A generation ago, c-section surgeries were rare. You only heard about them in urgent, life-threatening cases. The first option for childbirth was always vaginal delivery. But in the last decade, a wave of cesarean deliveries swept through hospitals. Maybe it was the calorie-rich diets consumed by the mothers to be that led to large babies and obese pregnancies. Perhaps, the fear of vaginal births took over, and many women choose a seemingly less stressful birth. Or, it was more likely that obstetricians and hospitals began to coerce women towards a birthing procedure that was more convenient and profitable for them. 

Whatever the reason, c-sections became far more common than they should be. Until now. Mothers-to-be in India are waking up and smelling the decaf coffee. They’re questioning the logic behind an unnecessary surgery when mother nature has already laid down a viable plan for birthing. The benefits of vaginal childbirth and the risks of elective surgery have seeped their way into the collective consciousness of urban India. However, doctors haven’t received the memo yet. Many continue to push their patients towards a surgical birth, often citing medical reasons which may not necessarily be accurate. When you’re pregnant, it’s important that your voice is heard, and your demands are met. Many commercial doctors tend to ignore the wishes of the mother. So if you’re pregnant and determined to follow a natural birthing plan, you need to pick the right medical team to help you.

Natural birth centres in India promoting vaginal deliveries

And preserving the dignity of the mother-to-be 

1. Daimaas, Mumbai

The brainchild of Dr Veda Simmons, this birth centre believes in a holistic approach towards natural childbirth. They have complete, state-of-the-art facilities and follow midwifery practices that help women go through a safe and soothing birthing experience. They also offer water birth deliveries, pregnancy counselling, and infertility treatments. If you are worried about pushy doctors who insist on invasive surgical births, you can rest assured the obstetricians here will guide and assist you through the birthing plan of your choice. 

2. Birth Village, Kochi 

Here, the doctors believe that every woman has the right to ‘informed consent’. Which means, they don’t withhold any information from the patient, and offer guidance and support every step of the way. They believe a natural, low-risk delivery should have as little intervention as possible. The Birth Village follows the midwifery model, but they are also well equipped to deal with any emergencies should they arise. For mothers who are apprehensive about vaginal deliveries, they offer water births that help relieve pain and facilitate a smooth birth. Here, the patient is a queen and is treated as such. 

3. Eternal Bliss, Pune

This centre provides a whole spectrum of natal-related facilities like prenatal classes, lactation consultancy, and doula services. The doulas at Eternal Bliss are trained professionals who help women during childbirth, by offering them pain-relief, breathing, and relaxation techniques and constant support. They value the patient’s opinion and ensure the birthing plan goes according to her wishes, especially in times she is too weak or too much in pain to defend herself. They also assist with post-natal care. It’s just like having a family member care for you, rather than cold, clinical medical professionals. 

4. The Alpha Clinic, Bangalore

This cosy medical centre prides itself on cutting-edge facilities that enable women to give birth in a safe, dignified manner. Their labour room comes with a fetal monitor system and a unique birthing bed along with post-care equipment for babies born in distress. They also have a water birthing suite that is designed for a calm and soothing vaginal delivery. Here, the doctor’s main focus is the patient and serves to offer a comforting, trauma-free experience.

5. Healthy Mother Sanctum, Hyderabad

This birthing center was built on the belief that women should be active participants in their own birthing process. They also believe in as little intervention as possible in the cases of healthy, low-risk pregnancies, and are proud to confirm that they have the highest rate of natural births in India. Their services include prenatal checkups, lactation consultancy and even offer VBAC delivery for mothers who’ve already gone through a cesarean birth. This is truly a safe zone for all mothers. 

6. Sitaram Bhartia, Delhi

This multi-speciality hospital in the nation’s capital has a strong, ethical maternity program that puts the needs of the patient first. They offer antenatal classes, physiotherapy sessions, and other services to ensure a natural and normal delivery that is free of stress and trauma. In fact, they claim to have an 88 percent success rate with vaginal births for first-time mothers with low-risk pregnancies. And an 87 percent success rate for VBAC deliveries. Here, C-sections are performed only in times of emergencies, which is as it should be.  


More and more women are growing aware of their natal rights and demanding natural birthing experiences from their doctors. It’s essential to choose the proper medical care to ensure your wishes are followed. With the right team backing you, your vaginal delivery can be smooth and hassle-free.  

Disclaimer: This blog post is not meant to diagnose or make any medical decisions on behalf of the reader. Before opting for any of the birth centres above, we advise you to do your own research as well.