While our mother’s generation has mostly used cloth diapers, those brands leaked, lacked long term absorbency and were mostly ineffective. Which is why we turned to disposable diapers, as they were so convenient.  However, as we all know now, disposables wreaked havoc on the environment. And in the long run, burn a deep hole in our wallets. So it’s time to return to the ways of our mothers, but with some noted differences. Reusable baby diapers have come a long way. Those traditional diapers we grew up with have given way to absorbent, highly efficient, eco-friendly and even attractive modern cloth diapers.

Here is a list of some top brands that offer excellent quality, leak-proof cloth diapers that take care of your baby’s sensitive skin until potty training time.

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Best cloth diaper brands in India

A cloth diaper comes in two options. It can be a typical langot, which leaks and needs to be changed every time a baby pees or poops. But probably the most baby-skin-friendly option.

The second option is modern cloth diapers (MCD) are the reusable, eco-friendly alternatives to disposable diapers.

Top 2 langot/non-leakproof cloth diaper brands:

You can get the langots from a local cloth shop, or get them stitched or buy them online from these two stores.

1. Tinycare

Traditional langots with cute pastel colours from Tinycare

Source: https://tinyurl.com/uj2alaz

Type of diapers: one piece

These are similar to the simple yet effective langot diapers our mothers made us wear.

Features include:

  • The reasonably-priced packet usually comes in a pack with pastel shades or baby-friendly designs
  • Soft, light cotton/muslin fabric
  • Ideal for babies when the weather is hot and humid or when you want to keep baby diaper free
  • Tie-up strings or velcro for size adjustability
  • Gentle on the baby’s skin

2. Easy Feel 100% Unbleached Cotton

Easy feel unbleached cotton prefolds are better than langots at absorbency

Source: https://tinyurl.com/u5cjbyw]

Type of diaper: Pre-fold

As the name suggests, these diapers are made with unbleached, Indian cotton. Will reach full absorbency in 5-6 washes.

Features include:

  • Can be folded in different ways to reach maximum absorbency; better than langot
  • Adjustable size to fit baby
  • Easy to use with outer covers or with diaper pins
  • Soft, light, breathable & quick dry fabric
  • Easily lasts more than 2 years

Top 6 Modern cloth diaper brands available in India

1. Superbottoms

Superbottoms is one of the best and most loved brand of cloth diapers in India

Source: https://tinyurl.com/u8qaz7b

Type of diaper: All-in-one, cover, training pants, padded cotton langots

This Indian brand has created a line of diapers to suit every need. Once you go Superbottoms, you don’t go any other way.

Features include:

  • Different types of inserts including all-natural and feel-dry fabric
  • Super absorbent and long-lasting inserts
  • Starter kits for newborns
  • Great accessories, including wet bags, diaper bags, etc.

2. Bumgenius

Bumgenius are one of the most popular modern cloth diaper brand in India and abroad

Source: https://tinyurl.com/rz3nu45

Type of diaper: Pocket, all-in-one, fitted, and cover in newborn and regular sizes

This is one of the most popular cloth diaper brands both in India and abroad.

Features include:

  • Trademark elastic design that is comfortable for a baby’s sensitive skin
  • Offers night-time diapers in all-natural fabric with high absorbency
  • Exclusive newborn size options to start CD since day 1

3. Bumpadum

Bumpadum is one of the most popular and budget friendly cloth diapering brand in India

Source: https://tinyurl.com/wxjo5ff

Type of diapers: Newborn, adjustable for 5-15 kg, potty trainers

This Indian brand offers a comfortable, organic collection of cloth diapers.

Features include:

  • The gentle elastic strap that won’t hurt the tiny infant 
  • The Aviva range offers thinner covers and organic inserts for sensitive babies
  • Offers night-time diapers with high absorbency inserts

4. Bumberry

Bumberry is one of the oldest modern cloth diapers brand in India

source: https://tinyurl.com/y2dtqrcs

Type of diaper: Cover, pocket, and All-in-one

One of the oldest brands of Modern cloth diapers in India.

Features include:

  • Provides starter kit for newborns
  • Has a nighttime diaper with sewn-in inserts and optional booster option
  • Bamboo inserts have great absorbency
  • Pocket-friendly

5. Grovia

Grovia is a great cloth diapering brand which is eco-friendly and have great quality products

Source: https://tinyurl.com/rs49tpk

Type of diaper: newborn, AIO, hybrid, potty trainers

This international brand is a favourite amongst many mothers.

Features include:

  • Specialize in soft organic cotton inserts with great absorbency
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable disposable inserts for outdoor usage
  • One step hook style diapers for easy opening and closing
  • Expensive but has superior quality

6. Smart bottoms

Smartbottoms is a premium modern cloth diaper brand available in India

Source: https://tinyurl.com/szh6ep2

Type of diaper: covers with a variety of inserts, swim diapers, potty trainers

Smart bottoms offer a wide range of inserts and outer shells in bright, colourful designs that keep both mom and baby happy. 

Features include:

  • Organic, stay dry fleece liners and pre-folds
  • No-prep sewed in inserts for newborn babies
  • Snap-in inserts for older babies
  • Pricier compared to Indian brands


It might sound a bit intimidating to switch to cloth diapers, but once you do, it’ll be well worth the effort. Cloth diapers can help us pave the way for a better future, and your baby’s entire generation will thank you for it.