My daughter entered the world loudly screaming at the top of her lungs, with a thick head of soft hair. Almost every doctor or nurse who came to see me, couldn’t resist patting her hair to make sure those strands were really hers. (Maybe they thought I put a wig on?) When her daily oil massages soon began, her lovely hair was soaked in organic coconut oil and plastered across her scalp till it was bath time. Washing her hair with the right shampoo was important. I wanted a mild formula that had quality ingredients that wouldn’t dry her scalp or hair. However, there were so many brands available in baby shops. How to choose? I flipped the bottles over one by one and took stock of their ingredients. Some were quite horrifying. Bottles that contained sodium lauryl sulfate were hastily put back on the shelves. And after an extensive hunt, I found the brands that were gentle and safe for my baby girl’s tender scalp. 

So here are the best shampoo brands in the market today, that will care for your childs hair without damaging or drying them out in the long run.

Ayurvedic formulations based baby shampoos

If you prefer natural, organic ingredients that have a solid foundation in Ayurveda, here are four shampoos you can choose from.

1. Forest essentials Dashapushpadi baby hair and body wash

This brand enjoys a stellar reputation for the quality of its products, especially among adults. Their shampoo for baby is equally revered by moms, as it contains light, clean ingredients like reetha, aloe vera and coconut oil extracts. This brand sticks to natural, high-quality ingredients based on Ayurvedic principles, and doesnt disappoint with its effectiveness. The only negative is the price. Currently, at Rs 1,150, its expensive compared to other brands, but the 200 ml bottle lasts for a long time. 

Dashapushpadi Shampoo and body wash are made up natural ingredients


2. Bon Organics baby shampoo

This Pondicherry-based brand is committed to sourcing natural, wholesome ingredients for all their products. Bon organics uses botanical extracts and coconut butter to nourish young baby hair without stripping it of natural oils. Its also priced at Rs 250 for 100 ml. 

3. Biotique green apple baby shampoo

Biotique offers a specially formulated baby shampoo that is free of harsh preservatives and harsh chemicals, focusing on a gentle Ayurvedic formula to cleanse your babys hair. It contains active ingredients like reetha, shikakai and aloe vera. Priced at Rs 175 for 190 ml, its gentle on the wallet too.

Biotique baby shampoo cleanse your baby's hair and it is made of natural ingredients


4. The Moms Co natural shampoo

This shampoo is hypoallergenic and mild and uses quality ingredients that wont cause your babys skin to react or break out. They use coconut-based cleansers infused with organic moringa and organic argan oil to clean your baby’s hair gently.
One 200 ml bottle costs Rs 393.

The Moms Co natural shampoo are made up of organic argon oil and use to baby hair


Chemical formulations based baby shampoos

While most chemical-based shampoos have harsh cleaning agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, there are a few baby shampoos that used a milder chemical formula with safer ingredients.

1. Chicco No Tears Shampoo

This brand uses less harmful chemicals in their composition, in place of the controversial SLS to offer a milder hair detangling experience for your baby. It is also free of alcohol and synthetic fragrances that are known to dry out the skin. Its also very reasonably priced, as a 100 ml bottle will cost you Rs 99.

Chicco shampoo are very reasonably priced and made up using very less harmful chemicals


2. Aveeno baby wash & shampoo

This hypoallergenic shampoo says its paraben and phthalate-free right on the bottle, while the list of ingredients doesnt contain any SLS. The formula also doesnt have any irritants that will dry up your babys sensitive skin. One 354-ml sized bottle costs Rs 636.

Aveeno baby wash & shampoo are good for your baby's skin


3. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo and Wash

This no-frills brand is known for its gentle formulations that suit most sensitive skin types. The baby shampoo is made with milder chemicals that dont harm your babys delicate skin while cleansing the hair thoroughly. A 200ml bottle will set you back Rs 535.

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo made with milder chemicals that don't harm your baby's delicate skin



Choose a shampoo that is gentle on your baby’s scalp. And friendly on your pocket. There are popular chemical-based shampoos that claim to be gentle. Or opt for Ayurvedic formulations.