When she started walking, my daughter hit the ground running. She was very keen to chase after her older brother, even if it meant tripping over her feet repeatedly. Her little legs were a blurry motion in her haste to keep up with him, as she willingly followed him around the room.  

At home, she was barefoot. This helped with her feet development. But in the playground, I had to strap on a pair of comfortable walking shoes that wouldn’t interfere with her growth. 

Shoes are tricky. Kids outgrow them so quickly, it’s almost a shame to invest so much money in them. But at the same time, parents want to choose a reliable brand that doesn’t affect the delicate bones in the feet or cause blisters to erupt on the skin.

Tips to keep in mind when buying shoes 

  • Buy soft, flexible shoes. Too stiff, and they will affect the foot development
  • Rubber soles can help your child get a better grip while walking
  • Padded insoles offer added comfort
  • The back of the shoe should not move up and down the skin as this can cause shoe bites.

For more in-depth information about picking the right shoes, have a look at our video:


If the shoes fit: Brands to look for

Low-end range:


Bata shoes are of good quality and durable for your kids

Source: https://tinyurl.com/rr4lksf

This universally loved brand has been around for generations, and many still swear by its quality and durability. While the price range varies, there are quite a few options available on the lower end that suit your child and your wallet. 

Their Bubblegummers range has an interesting variety of shoes for all occasions. The shoes are made of good quality materials like leather, cloth or canvas, and don’t pinch or hurt the feet. They are especially good on the playground and offer good support while running.


Liberty shoes are come nice designs and quality

Source: https://tinyurl.com/wnh4s24

Another classic brand, which has stood the test of time. Liberty shoes offer nice designs with good quality craftsmanship that are reasonably priced. They offer sandals, slip-on, and shoes with velcro as well as laces. So there are many options to choose from in this brand. 


These shoe brand are really helpful in developing feet of your child

Source: https://tinyurl.com/wq2k9m7

This brand exclusively caters to kids and has built up a large collection of footwear since they started in 2000. They sell shoes for one-year-olds to 12-year-olds, and offer comfortable, flexible shoes for young, developing feet. They have a good variety of stylish, party-wear designs along with sturdy, sports shoes and sandals, so they have something for every occasion.



Decathlon has a very nice collection of sports shoes with good flexibly and soft insole

Source: https://tinyurl.com/tcg8k4t

While this brand is known for its sports-related gear and accessories for adults, they also have a good range of children’s shoes on offer. The shoes are designed for movement while keeping the delicate bone structure of the child’s foot in mind. They have shoes for walking and running, along with sports shoes for athletic older kids. The shoes are flexible, with soft insole cushioning and offer a firm grip so the wearer is comfortable. It’s the perfect footwear brand for highly active kids. 

Cute Walk by Baby Hug

Cute Walk is an extensive shoe brand that offers affordable shoes and sandals

Source: https://tinyurl.com/twy5ehk

Cute Walk is a great shoe brand that offers adorable crocheted baby booties, sports shoes, sandals, and party wear. They cater to newborns for up to 2 years. You can pick shoes in canvas, cloth, mesh or synthetic leather, depending on your preferences. 

High-End range:


Crocs have a range of colorful, sporty shoes that come in their trademark perforated designs,

Source: https://tinyurl.com/ub3uao2

Who hasn’t heard of crocs? They’ve changed the way kids look at footwear. The clogs are the most popular selling items among adults and children and are cushioned for comfort while walking. However, the Crocs are not meant for running or active play. For those purposes, crocs also have a range of colourful, sporty shoes that come in their trademark perforated designs, while offering special foam-based insoles for comfort. 


Skechers shoes are made in fabric with rubber sole good for your kids

Source: https://tinyurl.com/rf8xdmp

An international brand that is sporty yet stylish, Skechers is quite a famous name for shoes among the younger generation. The shoes are made in fabric, mesh or canvas with a rubber sole. And some even boast of memory foam padding that provides extra comfort. 


Remember to let your little one be barefoot at home. But for outdoors, these are some of the brands that offer quality, flexibility, and comfort, and also look quite attractive on your little one’s feet.