You’ve thought about it. Weighed the pros and cons. You’ve even read our post about should one perform Mundan ceremony or not. And now you’ve reached a decision. You’ve decided to shave your baby’s head. Whether it’s for religious reasons or you just think your baby is going to rock the bald look, there are certain conditions to keep in mind. After all your baby is tiny, fragile and incapable of following any instruction. You need to ensure the procedure goes off without a hitch. After all, you can never be too careful when there are sharp razors involved. 

Where should you hold the Mundan?

There are a few traditional locations where most parents prefer to conduct the ceremony. Some opt to take the religious route with a priest performing a puja on the banks of a sacred river or inside a temple. Others prefer to get it done in the comfort of their home.  

How to keep your baby happy during the Mundan ceremony

1. Wash your baby’s hair:

A mild, baby shampoo will soften the hair and make the tonsuring easier. 

2. Sterilise the shaving tools:

Whether it’s the barber’s own private tools, or you’ve ordered brand new ones for the occasion, you must ensure they are clean and germ-free. Either soak them in boiling hot water or use a baby steriliser.

3. Choose an appropriate time:

It’s best to organise the Mundan at a time when your baby wakes up from a nap and has been fed. You want a fresh, happy baby, not a cranky, sleepy one.

4. Don’t overcrowd the ceremony:

Try to stick to close family members only for the actual hair shaving. Your baby might feel overwhelmed. If you must, you can call more people for a celebration after the ceremony, so that your baby can rest if needed.

5. Stick to comfortable clothes:

If it’s a religious ceremony, you might be expected to put your child in new, fancy attire. But if you put your baby in familiar, old clothes, he might be less fidgety. 

Also keep a favourite toy or item nearby, in case your baby needs more comfort. 

6. Use the art of distraction:

You could play your baby’s favourite song, sing to him, speak in a soothing voice or even do a small puppet act. Anything that keeps his focus on you, and off the activity on his scalp. Don’t make him laugh, though. The shaky movements can spell trouble.

7. Give a bath post-ceremony:

This will remove any hair debris on your baby’s skin that might cause discomfort and itchiness

8. Keep an antiseptic cream nearby:

If there are any small nicks or cuts on your baby’s hair, you might need to apply the cream.

9. Don’t forget the camera:

Take some photos to remember this occasion.  


If you choose to go ahead with the Mundan, do take the necessary precautions. Once you do, you can enjoy this ceremony with your baby and loved ones and build a long-lasting memory together.