A week before I have to travel with my baby, an army of butterflies erupts in my stomach. 3 days to d-day, and crippling panic sets in. The night before the travel, I find myself wishing I had an easier life… like being a blind-folded knife juggler or a dragon tamer. Travelling with a baby is so unpredictable, I find myself second guessing every decision, I pack, unpack and repack till all items voluntarily combust from the friction. I promise myself that this is it, the last time I will travel till my baby is old enough to pay taxes. But over time, I figured it out. What to do, what to pack, what to avoid… and now it’s time to share the findings.

While travelling with a baby is stressful, there are ways to ease the pressure. All it takes is proper planning, and prepare for anything Murphy’s Law might throw your way.

Travelling with baby – Dos and Don’ts:

1. When packing luggage:


  • Avoid packing too many diapers if you are travelling to a city where they are available
  • Note: If you are carrying reusable diapers, you can always buy a small packet of detergent and wash the diapers in your hotel bathroom
  • Pack in the handy carry/diaper bag, while travelling/in transit:
    • Keep a spare change of clothes, diapers, and diaper changing accessories
    • A wet bag to store soiled clothes and/or diapers 
    • Emergency/travel medicines prescribed by your paediatrician
    • Toy, book, etc. to keep baby engaged
    • Dry snack/meal; carry a baby spoon, napkin/bib as required
    • Sufficient amount of water based on length of travel
  • Note: Pack these items in sections so things are easy to find
  • Check the weather of the destination right up to the day before you leave, so you know exactly what items of clothes are needed
  • Carry duct tape to tape all the electrical outlets or tape up loose cords at your hotel till you leave
  • Carry corner protectors/cotton+duct tape, to temporarily pack very sharp corners
  • Plan your child’s travel food as per destination and travel duration; click here for details
  • Pack your luggage smartly to reduce baggage count; check KonMarie suitcase packing


  • Pack many toys for babies
    • Instead carry only 2-3 toys they genuinely love
    • And enquire in advance for entertainment options at the travel destination
  • Overpack clothes if free/cheap laundry/washing options are available
  • Pack too many baby shoes

2. When flying 


  • Carry an easy to access travel pouch to keep boarding pass/IDs/emergency cash/card/phone/essential things you require to avoid searching through your purse
  • Find out priority check-in option
  • Note: Almost all airlines or their business/first class check-in counters allow free priority check-in to parents with young kids irrespective of travel class
  • Book the front row aisle seat so you get extra leg space; or request a seat change to such a seat if possible
  • Ease your baby’s ear pressure by offering fluids during take off and landing
  • If travelling with spouse/family, book a window seat and aisle seat, chances for the middle seat to be empty, and hence at your disposable, are quite high
  • Book the flight around the same time as your baby’s nap/sleep time
  • Clothe your child in layers; so depending on air cabin temperature, layers can be easily added or removed


  • Board first. This just extends the time spent in the plane, and babies get crabby faster
    • Instead, walk your baby around the airport till everyone else had boarded
  • Take the back seats in the plane as your baby will get disturbed by people going to the toilets along with the stewardess working in the alley

3. When travelling by road


  • Opt for a car seat, especially for long-distance car rides
  • Keep two playlists ready: one with soothing sleepy music, and one with music the baby is used to or loves to listen
  • Keep toys/books handy to entertain your child
  • Take short breaks every 2-4 hours; if opting for car seat, take the baby out of the seat during these breaks
  • If unable to take short breaks, massage legs and feet gently to relax your baby


  • Let your baby ride in a car seat in the back by himself
    • Sit next to him, and stay in the line of vision
  • Keep all baby related items in the trunk to save space
    • Keep a carry/diaper bag with essentials handy


With a little organisation and pre-planning, your travelling woes should reduce drastically and make the journey with your baby a mostly pain-free.