In our earlier post we explained the causes, as well as remedies, for diaper rash on your baby’s delicate bottom. While prevention may be the best option, there are over-the-counter diaper rash remedies that can help the tender skin recover. Remember, diaper rashes thrive in wet conditions, so always keep the area as dry as possible. Most creams come with a protective barrier ingredient like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that shield the skin from further inflammation.

How to use diaper rash creams

  • Take out the dirty diaper and give your child a gentle cleaning with wipes or warm water (preferably)
  • Let the area dry thoroughly 
  • Air out your baby’s skin by letting him go bare bottom for 30 minutes (the longer, the better)
  • Apply a thick coating of the diaper cream on the affected area
  • After a few minutes, put on a fresh diaper 
  • Repeat the above after every diaper change

Note: Never forget to perform a patch test before applying diaper rash cream/ointment on your baby’s skin to check for allergic reactions 

8 most effective diaper rash ointments available in India today

1. Desitin daily defence diaper rash cream

Key ingredients: zinc oxide, lanolin, aloe vera, beeswax

How it helps: The cream shields the chafed skin from further damage, while the moisturising emollients like shea butter and beeswax restore the skin’s upper layer.

2. Cetaphil baby diaper cream

Key ingredients: Zinc oxide, organic calendula extract, vitamin B5 and E

How it helps: Known for hypoallergenic products, Cetaphil, has created a diaper rash remedy with a mild, but effective formulation to help heal and protect your baby’s skin. The calendula soothes the irritated area, while the zinc oxide acts as a protective barrier. 

3. Sudocrem antiseptic healing diaper cream

Active ingredients: zinc oxide, lanolin, benzyl alcohol 

How it helps: You can use this cream for a variety of skin ailments, but it’s most famous for healing diaper rash. The cream forms a thick layer when applied, protecting the area from further inflammation. It also has benzyl alcohol (contains no volatile ethanol) which is antibacterial and antifungal.

4. Sebamed diaper rash cream

Key ingredients: titanium dioxide, wheat bran extract, panthenol, beeswax

How it helps: The titanium dioxide acts as a barrier and prevents the skin area from getting infected or inflamed. The cream is clinically tested to reduce diaper rash and contains ingredients that heal and nourish the affected skin. 

5. Himalaya diaper rash cream

Key ingredients: yashad bhasma (natural zinc oxide), aloe vera, almond oil 

How it helps: This cream uses an Ayurvedic formulation to protect the inflamed area. The yashad bhasma protects the irritated skin while soothing ingredients like aloe vera and almond oil heal the skin gently. 

6. Juicy Chemistry rosehip, coconut & calendula organic diaper rash balm

Key ingredients: apricot kernel oil, calendula flower extract, coconut oil, rosehip oil, shea butter

How it helps: This cream is a blend of natural oils and kinds of butter that are good for the skin. The apricot oil and shea butter protect the skin from further irritation and act as a natural barrier. While the various oils and extracts serve to heal, soothe and gently moisturise the skin. 

7. The Mom’s Co natural diaper rash cream 

Key ingredients: zinc oxide, calendula oil, shea butter, hydrolysed oat protein, beeswax, castor oil 

How it helps: This cream offers a delicate balance between nourishment and protection for your baby’s skin. The zinc oxide protects the skin from further abrasion, and the oat protein repairs the skin while the calendula oil, shea butter and castor oil help nourish the skin. 

8. Rawbeauty wellness magic salve 

Key ingredients: coconut oil, moringa oil, kokum butter, unrefined beeswax

How it helps: You can use this multi-purpose cream for a wide range of skin issues. Its natural formula contains a plethora of natural oils that condition the skin, while the beeswax and kokum butter block irritants from affecting the healing skin. Besides baby diaper rash, this salve is good for healing adult skin as well.


There are limitless diaper rash creams available in the market. Be sure to choose the one that contains the right mix of ingredients that protect and cure your baby’s skin.