Deworming your child:  How to prevent and protect from worms

Worms belong underground. Or at the end of a fishing rod. They certainly don't belong inside my little one's digestive tract. Imagine my horror when my son's preschool principal advised all parents to deworm their [...]

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Date syrup: An easy, delicious and healthy recipe for your baby 

Babies develop a sweet tooth before they develop their natural teeth. A taste of anything sugary, and they open their mouths for more like eager beavers. Most pediatricians advise not to offer sugar before the [...]

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5 Delicious & healthy Indian snacks your child will enjoy this monsoon

When dark clouds gather, the cool breeze is heavy with promise, and there’s the distinct smell of pitachur in the air, you know the monsoons have arrived. There’s something magical in the air, watching the [...]

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5 Indian summer food recipes to keep kids cool this summer

When my kids, despite their healthy, adventurous appetites, run away when lunch is served, I know summer has officially arrived. It’s time to retire the ghee-rich parathas, the cream-based curries and buttered recipes. Kids are [...]

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