My son was a chronic wriggler. He just couldn’t stay still. Holding him and walking was like trying to wrestle a thick, lumpy worm covered in jelly and powered by Duracell. He also hated strollers. Took to screaming his head off the entire time he was in one. It was, needless to say, very annoying. What made matters worse was an impending trip to the in-laws’ home in another city. Can you imagine this kid in an airport? On the plane? Anywhere in public? I was filled with dread. Then on the suggestion of a fellow mom, I tried a baby carrier. I strapped my strapping young lad to my chest and never looked back. There is something quite freeing about wrapping your child to your body. My son liked this arrangement too. He was calmer, less fidgety and happy. We both got what we wanted. Peace was finally brokered. When my daughter was born 4 years later, I was strapped and ready for her. Baby carrying came to my rescue once again.

Keep calm and wear your baby

Baby carriers are the perfect tool to tackle restless babies and keep your sanity. 

Babywearing is not a new practice. Indian mothers have wrapped up their children in soft dupattas and saris for generations. This was a very common practice. We’ve all heard about strong, rural mothers who strapped their babies to their backs with their saris and headed out to the fields to work. While their idea holds merit, you may not be as comfortable wearing your baby without a safety buckle.

Luckily, baby carriers come in a variety of easy-to-wear designs. To choose the one that is best for you, click here to check out a detailed youtube video that highlights the features of different types of carriers like wraps, slings, meh dais and soft-structured carriers (SSC).

Just remember, when looking for the right carrier pick one that is safe. Choose a carrier that offers proper healthy lower body positioning, in the shape of an ‘M’. The baby’s weight should be distributed across his bottom and not resting on thighs. Also, the legs should not hang loosely but rest comfortably across the wearer’s hips.

Benefits of a baby carrier:

  • It’s convenient, yet fun
  • An easy way to carry your child, especially in crowded areas
  • Great way to bond with your little one
  • Keeps your baby close to your heart, and the rhythmic beat makes him calmer
  • It’s a great exercise for you to walk while wearing your baby
  • Can calm a baby suffering from colic
  • It also frees your arms when you are outdoors, so you can run errands

Best baby carrier brands in India

There are many baby carrier brands available in the market today and can be quite confusing to pick one. We’ve narrowed your choices for you so that you can make quick, informed decisions. Each brand also comes with a range of age-appropriate carriers.  

1. Brand: Anmol

Anmol baby carriers have earned themselves a stellar reputation among the mommy crowd for their impressive variety of ergonomic carriers.

Special features:

  • They use colourful and eco-friendly fabrics that are safe for your baby’s skin
  • Lightweight mechanisms that rest easy on your shoulders
  • Ergonomic and designed for comfort and protection
  • Offer broad base, padded shoulders in their SSC range
  • Padded thigh areas for comfortable sitting
  • Offer the right, secure seating in the ‘M’ position that protects your baby’s hips
  • Easily cleaned, machine washable 

Type of carriers: 

Carriers suitable from birth till 3-4 years of age:

  1. Hybrid handwoven wrap (0-48 months)
  2. Ring sling (0-36 months)
  3. Flexi-adjustable buckled carrier (0-36 months)

Carriers suitable from 2.5 months to 3-4 years of age:

  1. SSC carrier (2.5-36 months)
  2. Meh Dai (3-48 months)

Each type of carrier comes with a range of colors and designs.


Anmol baby carriers are ergonomic and designed for comfort and protection


2. Brand: Kol Kol 

This brand has created a cool range of easy to use, ergonomic baby carriers that are comfortable to wear even in India’s hot summer months.

Special features:

  • Made with high quality, breathable cotton to keep your baby cool
  • Offer proper neck support especially for young babies
  • Padded shoulder straps and proper waist support in the SSC range
  • Padded leg openings for comfortable ‘M’ sitting position
  • Privacy hood for breastfeeding
  • Easily cleaned, machine washable

Type of carriers:

  1. Leela SSC carrier, adjustable from birth to 4 years of age
  2. Compact carrier designed for babies from 6 months to 4 years of age
  3. Full buckle SSC carriers from birth to 4 years
  4. Meh dais and backpack carriers for from birth to 3 years

    Kol Kol baby carrier made with high quality, breathable cotton to keep your baby cool


3. Brand: Cuddle n Care

This brand offers a collection of ergonomic carriers in a range of stylish and designs and vibrant colours.

Special features:

  • Designed for even weight distribution 
  • Light, handwoven cotton fabrics are used for extra comfort
  • The SSC models have loops to hang toys or other baby essentials
  • Privacy hood for breastfeeding
  • Easily cleaned, machine washable
  • Provide custom carriers even for premature babies

Type of carriers:

Carriers for newborns to toddlers:

  1. Classic full buckle
  2. Flexible buckle SSC models
  3. Wraps
  4. Meh dais

Carriers from 3 Kg to 15 Kg

  1. Ring slings

    Cuddle n Care offers a collection of ergonomic carriers in a range of stylish and designs and vibrant colors


4. Brand: Soul

Soul is the brainchild of a fellow mother who couldn’t find a carrier she liked. The brand now boasts of a range of ergonomic carriers that other mothers love.

Special features:

  • Can be adapted to suit a newborn or toddler 
  • Fully adjustable 
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Padded leg holes for the baby
  • Removable lumbar support for the wearer
  • Made using linen and cotton fabric
  • Easily cleaned, machine washable

Types of carriers:

  1. Full buckle SSC carrier ‘AseemA’ (0-4years)
  2. Fully adjustable buckle carrier ‘AnoonA’ (0-2 years) 
  3. Basic carrier in two sizes (6-60 months)
Soul baby carrier are fully adjustable and Can be adapted to suit a newborn or toddler



Wearing your baby is a safe, easy and fun way to spend time with your little one when you’re outdoors. Tuck them in, strap on tight, keep the legs in ‘M’ position, and you have a mother-baby duo who are ready to go.