Walk into a shop selling strollers, and you’ll be flummoxed by the variety on offer. Prams that rock the baby to sleep, jogging stroller so you can stay fit, a stroller that can bend and fold down to fit small spaces. When it comes to wheels for your baby, you are spoilt for choice. But how does anyone narrow it down to just one? It’s a tough call to make when you’re looking at prams and strollers for babies to sit or relax in but look like they are meant for astronauts heading for the international space station.

Lucky for you, we’ve been there, done that. Now, we are ready to share those experiences with you.

Do you need a stroller/pram

A stroller offers you the freedom to enjoy a lovely time outdoors with your little one. Your baby gets a vantage point for exploring his surroundings.

Want to hit the sales at the mall? Go for a walk in the park? Explore new destinations? A stroller is your ticket to a relaxing, hassle-free time wherever you go.

If you are into wearing your baby, you may not opt for a stroller/pram. But for parents who do not wear the baby, a stroller is a good alternative.

Stroller/Pram features to look for

Prams or strollers come with special features that make walking your baby safe and convenient. Pick the one that has a combination of features best suited for you.

1. Multi-reclining positions:

Strollers/prams usually come with multiple reclining positions. However, based on the baby’s ability to sit, opt for a suitable reclining option:

  • Infants who cannot sit without support: 180 degrees flat recline
  • Babies who sit without support: Upright recline for viewing; flatter recline for resting

2. Safety essentials:

Babies are restless by design. Hence it is vital to secure a baby well. Opt for following safety features:

  • Harness: 5 point harness for babies, 3 point harness for older kids
  • Lock: Not easily openable by the baby
  • Wheel locking: Easy back wheel locking; swivel front wheel with fixed locking option

3. Ease of folding:

Based on your intended usage look for the following:

  • One-click, single-hand fold: Convenient when carrying baby alone/in a hurry
  • Umbrella/3D/partial fold: Convenient when there is wide, open space to fold

4. Ease of monitoring:

If one wishes to keep an eye on the baby or let the baby have the option of peeking at you now and then, look for the following features:

  • Peekaboo window: Allows monitoring the child under the canopy 
  • Reversible handles: Allows to keep baby facing towards you or away

5. Storage space:

An essential feature for stowing diaper bag/shopping bag when outing for longer hours.

6. Seat fabric:

With babies stains and spills are common. Look for following features:

  • Easy to clean, preferably removable/washable upholstery
  • Breathable fabric to avoid heating/sweating

7. Protection from the elements:

Based on your climate, opt for the following protective features:

  • Sun canopy with UV protection
  • Mosquito net
  • Rain shield

8. Sturdy wheels:

Depending on where you intend to use the stroller, choose the wheels:

  • Rough terrain: Larger wheels with sealed ball bearings
  • Uneven city streets: Slimmer, air-filled tyres
  • Smooth, concrete surfaces: Regular, rubber tyres

Watch this video to understand these essential features in details:

How to pick the stroller that fits your needs

The buggy you choose must best reflect your lifestyle. Do you plan to use it often? Only sporadically? In certain, specific locations like parks or supermarkets? Once you’ve worked out your exact needs, you can figure out the best stroller for you

Depending on the features strollers may be useful from 0-36 months of baby’s age.  Also, most of them come with a set of features that overlap different requirements. You can opt for strollers with international safety certification to make the ride hazard-free for the baby [1].

1. Strollers/prams for long-distance travel

Chicco liteway stroller - lightweight and excellent for travel

Source: https://tinyurl.com/vz4tl7w

If you’re looking for a buggy that can be put on an aeroplane or taken on vacation with minimum fuss, here’s what you need to look for in a stroller/pram:

  • Lightweight (weight limit for aeroplane gate check-in is usually 9 Kg)
  • Easy to push across airports, taxis & tourist locations 
  • Compact & easily foldable

Umbrella strollers are your best option. An adjustable and removable canopy for when you move from an outdoor area to indoors.

Our picks for travel strollers/prams:

2. Strollers/prams for time spent outdoors

Graco stroller for outdoors, use in city

Source: https://tinyurl.com/tr6zee2

If you’re planning on taking the baby out for long (run your errands, long walks, shopping) look for following features:

  • Sturdy stroller with air-filled tires
  • Front or back suspension for a smoother ride on uneven roads
  • Adequate storage space for storing diaper bag/shopping bag
  • Food tray with a cup holder for baby meals

Our picks for outdoor strollers/prams:

3. Strollers/prams for limited storage space

babyhug stroller compact to store after folding useful when limited storage space

source: https://goo.gl/4HGamy

If you plan to buy a stroller/pram but face space crunch at home or car, look for the following:

  • Compact after folding 
  • Strollers that can stand vertically after folding to occupy an as little area as possible

Umbrella strollers or compactly folded strollers when not in use, you can slide them under your bed or on top of a cupboard. It’s as easy as that.

Our pick for a compact stroller:

4. Strollers/prams for newborn babies

r for rabbit travel system pram with car seat for new born

Source: https://tinyurl.com/tofjzdo

If you are planning to buy a pram/stroller for an infant who cannot sit without support, look for the following:

  • Flat recline to 180 degrees
  • Travel system: A stroller with a baby car seat/carrycot; move around the baby from pram to car or vice-versa, without waking up a sleeping infant
  • Peekaboo window or reversible handle/seat
  • Sun protection canopy

Our picks for newborn stroller/pram:


Buy a stroller that suits your requirements. The right stroller will provide you with many joyful hours outdoors, in which your baby can relax, catch a nap and even enjoy a snack without interrupting you.