There was no sound more delightful to my ears than that of my happy baby gurgling during his daily oil massage. The gentle sweeping movements across his body were the highlights of his day, alongside sleeping for three hours at a stretch. I chose different oils for his delicate skin, and they kept his skin lubricated and moisturised. We enjoyed a year of cozy massaging until he started walking. Then, I had to chase him around the house with a bottle of oil in my hands. However, he didn’t refuse a light application on his skin after his bath (instead of moisturiser),  and it made his skin glow. I’m also fairly certain that regular applications on his scalp enable the two hair strands he was born with to multiple into a thick, lush head of hair. 

As Indians, we strongly believe in the power of a good oil massage, especially for babies. They nurture the skin, strengthen the muscles and joints and often help the baby fall into a long, blissful nap. There are many brands in the market today, but there are five we think genuinely deliver on the promises they make.

Here are the best baby massage oils:

1. Dabur Lal Tail

Dabar baby massage oil is good for muscle tone and bone development while nourishing the skin


This popular product boasts of a unique Ayurvedic formulation using sesame oil as its main ingredient. It’s supposed to be very good for muscle tone and bone development while nourishing the skin. The only drawback is that the oil is a bit thick to be used during hot summers. It also tends to leave red stains, so best used before a bath, not after. However, it’s the perfect oil to keep your baby’s skin warm during the winter months. A bottle of 100 ml will cost you Rs 100.

2. Forest Essentials Baby body massage serum

Forest essential massage oil contains incredible natural ingredients that leaves your baby skin soft


This one is a luxurious treat to pamper your baby’s body. It’s loaded with some incredible ingredients like black sesame seed oil, coconut oil, ghee, and turmeric, along with a unique blend of herbs. Together, they form a power-packed serum that leaves your baby’s skin soft, supple while strengthening the muscles. Despite the long list of ingredients, the formula is mild and gentle. The smooth texture easily glides on to your baby’s skin. The only drawback is the price. It’s Rs 1,550 for a 200 ml bottle. But you are getting your money’s worth.

3. Kama Ayurveda baby massage oil


Kama ayurvedic massage oil is mixture of 15 different herbs that protect your baby’s skin


The bottle boasts of a formula that uses 15 different herbs as prescribed in ancient Ayurvedic texts. And a 5,000-year-old health tradition can’t be wrong! Steeped in sesame seed oil, this product is free from preservatives, artificial fragrance, and petrochemicals. It’s formulated to protect your baby’s skin, while also preventing skin infections and scarring. A 15-minute gentle massage, followed by a warm bath and your baby will be ready for a calm and soothing nap. But this bliss doesn’t come cheap. A 250 ml bottle of this oil is priced at Rs 1,350.

4. The Moms Co natural baby massage oil

The Moms Co natural shampoo are made up of organic argon oil and use to baby hair


This baby product is packed with ten skin nourishing oils, including sesame oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, and almond oil. Its gentle formulation is perfectly suited for your baby, caring for the skin while activating the muscles. There are no harsh chemicals or poor quality ingredients in this one. No mineral oil or synthetic fragrances either. And all of this goodness is available for Rs 249 for 200 ml.

5. Maxcare virgin coconut oil 

Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from pure coconut milk and is 100 percent natural


Pure coconut oil is the perfect moisturizing lubricant for a newborn baby massage, especially during the summer. Maxcare offers a product that is extracted from pure coconut milk and is 100 per cent natural. Coconut oil is very good for dealing with nappy rashes and cradle cap issues. The oil also has antibacterial properties that help protect your child’s skin from germs. Pick up your own 500 ml bottle for Rs 375.

6. Conscious food virgin coconut oil 

Conscious food virgin coconut oil is organic perfect for your little one’s tender skin


This oil is organic, cold-pressed and comes in an amber-coloured glass bottle to safely preserve the contents. While it’s meant to be used for cooking, the brand assures that this oil is as effective on the outside of the body and is it on the inside. This coconut oil is cooling, therapeutic and healing. And it’s perfect for your little one’s tender skin. 100 ml will cost you Rs 177.


A mild oil massage can do wonders for your baby’s skin, and also his state of mind. It’s relaxing, yet rejuvenating and the right massage oil can really heighten the baby maalish while offering nourishment and protection for your baby’s largest organ.