A mother’s journey of recovering from postpartum depression

Postpartum depression, a type of mood disorder, is common but often ignored/undetected condition in females post delivery. Ignorance about PPD is prevalent. Also, it has a social stigma attached to it. This guest post is [...]

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Easy to make Aliv laddoo recipe

On Anu's naming ceremony (12th day after her birth), a friend's mom gave me homemade Aliv (garden cress seeds) laddoo. I loved them (I am a laddoo person you see :-)). My mom was happy [...]

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Postnatal diet – An Indian breastfeeding mother’s diet after delivery

Pregnancy and childbirth are a beautiful phase of a mother's life, isn't it? But this journey also takes a toll on our body. And breastfeeding a baby demands additional calories! From medical professionals to caregivers, [...]

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Dealing with Baby Spitting Milk

Anu was a 'spitty' baby. Right from the first week of her birth, she would spit up milk. Sometimes it would come out immediately after the feed. Sometimes, she would keep spitting (curdled milk) at regular [...]

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